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Mary Immaculate, the Virgin Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ was the first to believe, adore, hope in and love her God and Son, the only begotten of the eternal Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ. She is the first and supreme Roman Catholic. It is the duty of all of us Roman Catholics worthy of the name, to stand by her and Our Lord Jesus Christ against the combined forces of the evil one, a small number of whom are assembled together in the picture below at the instigation of the communist known as John Paul II who had the effrontery to call himself a "Marian Pope" while denying Jesus Christ before the whole world. His successor called Benedict XVI continues this evil charade by esteeming all the false "gods" of the world.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Catholic Test Card

The picture above is so shocking that it is worth reproducing it here. In fact it will always appear at the top of this "blog" for as long as this blog lasts.

Let us just call it a Catholic Test Card. It is a test card for all of us who call ourselves Roman Catholics.

It is a test card for Benedict 16, for future popes and cardinals, bishops and priests, monks and nuns, old grandmother Catholics, old grandfather Catholics, young mother and father Catholics, single Catholics and first communicants.

Yes, it is a Catholic Test Card which the Lord Jesus Christ may justifiably hold before us when we go to meet him at our particular judgement which could actually be this very day for any large number of us.

This event was recorded twenty two years ago. Any Catholic who died before this event was not shown it as a test at their particular judgement shortly after they departed to eternal life. Other tests were presented to them at their particular judgement but not this particular Catholic Test Card. This Catholic Test Card is unique. Nothing like it ever happened in the history of the Roman Catholic Church until 1986.

Let us suppose Roman Catholic grandmother aged 99 has just gone to meet her maker.

By any standards she was a good Catholic. She had been a good Irish Catholic mother and a good wife, good to her grandchildren and her neighbours. Until she became incapacitated a few years ago she made it her business to attend morning mass every day of her life and she always "said" the rosary at night. While she is just arriving into the awesome presence of the Holy Trinity some of her relatives are already making the funeral arrangements. The house or the funeral parlour? This undertaker or that undertaker? Someone is already working on the eulogy. A few are praying for her. Some may even be reciting John Paul's "Divine Mercy Devotion". Some may be rushing for mass cards and having (New) masses said.

She is probably quivering like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden just after they had committed the first sin - the sin of disobedience, and God Our Father said: "Where are you Adam?"

Then a grim faced Jesus Christ presents her with this Catholic Test Card.

Suddenly she's getting that terrible feeling around the middle area which she first got when she was a child at an Irish Catholic school and this fearsome adult teacher came bearing down on her when she could not answer "What is the first commandment Mary?"

We Roman Catholics of a certain generation like to believe that Mary will do time in purgatory. God will indeed be merciful to her. After all, she had been given at baptism that name which is above all other names given to mere human flesh and blood.

We children of Mary Immaculate can surmise that there are very few "Marys" in hell. The devil hates the name even more than the name of Jesus Christ himself and having "Marys" about the place only adds to his torments. Just think of all those lucky females who have been Christened "Mary" throughout the centuries. It is not some lucky charm or guarantee of salvation but it is a great blessing. However, this is just a slight diversion. We believe that 99 year old granny will escape hell for different reasons.

So highly did some Catholic parents revere the holy name of Mary that they even bestowed it on their sons. Think of Saint John Mary Vianney the amazing Cure` of Ars in France who picked up the pieces after the mass slaughter of Catholics by the freemasons in France during the French Revolution. That was only a beginning of course.

Learn about another amazing priest even closer to our day, Saint Anthony Mary Claret who on two occasions managed to escape men sent by freemasons to "take him out". Ah now, if we only had those two with us today what great wonders we would see. However, we need not expect their likes any time soon, because the "great chastisement" foretold by Our Lady at Fatima continues apace. Indeed it increases in magnitude and where are the Catholics, especially Irish Catholics when the world needs us? The first question we might ask is why did they stop killing us. "When did you stop beating your wife"? More importantly "why did they stop killing us?"

Now back to the Catholic Test Card. The Irish Roman Catholics of our generation remember a time when the first thing to come up on the soul destroying "moron box" (television) was the test card. Television for many of us came late in our childhood. Indeed for many of us the "moron box" only started up around five o' clock in the evening. This was before the term 24/7 meant anything to us. And after all we had our Kaddykisms to learn from our mothers. Many of us were blessed with mothers who taught us our Kaddykisms very well.

A television test card was a tuning signal broadcast when the transmitter was active but no programme was being broadcast. It could well be said that the opposite occurs when a programme is being broadcast and the receiver becomes inactive.

Now we will take the case of yet another Catholic taking his leave and going to his particular judgement. This time the poor soul is not a 99 year old Irish granny but a 19 year old who has just been killed in an accident. Would Jesus Christ hold up this test card to a 19 year old Irish Catholic boy and ask him to comment on it? We hope and pray that he would not. The poor unfortunate might splutter and say something like " that is John Paul there." No reaction from Jesus Christ. "I mean that is Pope John Paul II." "I mean John Paul the great" "No, - Saint John Paul" "Saint John Paul the Great"

"Oh no" we might say. When in a hole stop digging. Who got the poor soul into this hole? We did. That includes 99 year old Irish Catholic granny who became careless but still made it to purgatory. But she was only partly responsible. The biggest culprits are the chocolate soldier Catholics of our generation. That particular generation is those of us born and baptised into the Roman Catholic Church roughly between 1945 and 1958. In fact 1960 was the last year for qualification. The shutters came down then.

Believe it or not we Irish Catholics of that generation are even more blameworthy because we inherited the legacy of the Island of Saints and scholars. We will have a very hard time of it talking our way into heaven.

Some time ago, what passes muster as the "Irish Catholic Hierarchy", conducted a survey and it seems that they wanted to get some idea about those who know and do not know the first commandment.

Were they disappointed about the result? Remember, the Irish Catholic Hierarchy are John Paullers to a man. Were they disappointed to discover that the majority of young Catholics did not know the first commandment? Or perhaps they were disappointed to discover that so many (dammit) still DO KNOW the first commandment.

However, the plan seems to be going along nicely. Most young people do not know the first commandment and that is a start. "Little by little they will remove faith from earth" Where did we hear that before?

Unfortunately for our masters, a large rump of Irish Catholics still know the first commandment. Therefore, it may be a while before the New Catholic Hierarchy will be able to slip in the Noahide Laws. Now, there is another lorry load of snakes ready to be let loose and not a Saint Patrick in sight.

The future depends on how big and especially how vibrant is that Irish Catholic rump that still knows the first commandment and is determined to live by it come hell or high water. Of course the kingdom of hell on earth will come on earth sooner than we expect. But let God's will be done. We know that before Jesus Christ returns in glory on the last day there will first come the "man of sin".

It is quite possible that thanks to Saint Patrick, and other Irish Saints known and unknown we Irish Catholics for all sorts of undefinable reasons voted no to the Lisbon Treaty which will usher in an even more Godless European Commune where their "god" is not our God. Their "god" is an unholy trinity based on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Our God is the Blessed Trinity - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost as we learned from our Kaddykisms.

So, here is something for all of us to get right. What we see in the picture above is the man in white known as John Paul II who strode the world like a colossus and fooled not only the vast majority of Roman Catholics, but fooled millions of others of all faiths and of none.

He was the great catalyst, or lightening conductor for the One World religion of the "New World Order". This religion is the religion of the Darwinists and Roman Catholics are bottom of the food chain. Is it not truly amazing to learn that the materialistic atheists have their own god after all!

If the Catholic Church were only some kind of debating society instead of the narrow door that leads to eternal life of immeasurable happiness, then this survey about the first commandment would be hilarious or even "hellarious"! Back in i940s or 1950s Ireland the dogs on the street could tell the first commandment.

"Here Fido. Commeer boy. Whats the first commandment?"

Yes the dogs in the street could probably tell us like Balaams's Ass the truth if tested!

For any Catholic layman to do what John Paul II has done as evidenced by the picture above would merit the wrath of Almighty God. For someone posing as Supreme Head of the Catholic church to do so is incomprehensible. It is first and foremost a mortal sin. What Karol Wojtyla the man from a far (out) country has done here is declare that the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was unnecessary.

There is only one commandment and that is the first. Without the first commandment there are no commandments. All the others would be optional. The first commandment is the most important and the other nine are the minimum requirements for fulfilling the first.

Our generation learned it as;

First I am the Lord thy God thou shalt not have strange gods before me.
That is the minimum. We must love the lord our God with our whole hearts our whole souls our whole mind and all our strength and no other god must we love. The more we love God the more we will we love our neighbour if we follow this commandment.

This is a full time occupation. Notice that God tells us there are false gods. God and his teaching authority, the Roman Catholic Church have made it clear from the start that there are indeed false gods - the devil and other evil spirits who trick men into false religions and the pursuit of other idols of all kind.

The devil is the original nice guy. Just ask Adam and Eve. The devil also has the best tunes but they are not heard in hell.

And how come that Benedict 16 gets the point across that the proper study of mankind is man?

There was our generation thinking that the proper study of mankind is God.

Now what happens when our masters come to impose on us the Seven Laws of Noah - the Noahide Laws, already adopted by the American Congress and being sneakily approved by the poseurs in Rome? How will that unreformed Irish Catholic rump which refuses to drop the still valid Ten Commandments of Moses fare out then?

There will be skin and hair flying for a time but it is much better than eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The choice is: our God or theirs?

This article would appear to have been written on the eighth of the eighth of the eighth but it was not. A couple of words were entered and then saved in order to have a significant date to begin this blog. |

All of the above was written yesterday 21/8/8.

Some of us Roman Catholics of the infallible church felt saddened to see Irish Athletes taking part in the Beijing Olympics. Some of them may even be Catholics.

Those who remember the 1960s remember Chairman Mao (Tse Tsung) now Zedong and his little red book. China of course, is just another place where Russia spread her errors as Our Lady warned us at Fatima. Our Lady also warned us at La Salette that in 1864 Lucifer with a large number of deomons would be released from hell and would put an end to faith little by little.

She also warned us that Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

No word of when those devils would be thrown back into hell either!

So the whole world on 08/08/08 went knowingly or unknowingly to worship Chairman Mao who slaughtered millions of Chinese for the cause of his god. Anyone who cares to find out would know that Mao was a devil incarnate and a total degenerate.

A quick look (not too long) at that opening ceremony by any Roman Catholic worthy of the name would see right away that it was occult from beginning to end. Did nobody notice that lovely little Chinese girl was miming from start to finish. (Some did) We thought it was only Americans who were obsessed about teeth!

What about those tall soldiers carrying the red flag with that symbol of the toppled cross while goosestepping even higher than Hitler's troops. And what about that new variation of the Nazi salute by all those young people.

Even the music was weird. But then there are lots and lots of weird people in the world today- more than ever before in human history.

The occult is everywhere and we are being conditioned into worship of their "god".

Now, here is the really shocking thing about the picture above. We Catholics wonder and wonder what pretend pope JP2 is at and then it dawns on us. But of course they are all worshipping the one god. Yes that is it. So wake up, Protestants, Buddhists, Moslems, Hindus, Jews and all other faiths it is practically certain that if the Freemasons plotted for hundreds of years to "tie up the strongman and plunder his goods" and succeeded in 1958 it stands to reason that they would take over all other churches also.

These Hegelians and occultists set up conflict for us all the time in order to fool us. But they are all on the same side.

Now we know why so called Jews and so called Moslems are fighting side by side in the worlds latest hot spot.

Be assured that the god of these people is not Jesus Christ.

Again, the choice is our God or theirs.

The way to make sense of the world today is to realise that these people are all on the same side.

Very soon they will start to reduce our carbon footprints. And again remember the Catholics are bottom of the food chain.

Now we know also why pretend-pope number five, the Hegelian Benedict 16 is forever going on about a "synthesis of faith". Look at the picture of the bunch of communists gathered together above and it is clear as day. Any wonder he "esteems" all faiths!

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